Lixit Chicken Dust Bath 5.5 lb

Lixit Chicken Dust Bath 5.5 lb Price: $25.76 (as of 09/04/2023 19:28 PST- Details)

Every chicken pen should have a dust bath if dry soil is not available
Provide a low sided box that is easy for them to get into. Should be large enough to allow your chicken to lie in, spread their wings and flick dust over their whole body
Can also dig out a 2 ft by 2 ft hole and fill with powder 2″-3″ deep

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This high-quality dust bath for chickens helps keep feathers clean and free of pests! It’s packaged in a cute chicken-print 5.5-pound jar, screened for easy sprinkling, and with a screw top lid. The dust is is a non-toxic material, aluminum silicate, that was discovered and mined in the mountains of Southern California. It has been analyzed to be essentially a natural aluminum silicate mineral containing no free silica, no free lime or arsenic. In addition to cleaning the feathers, the dust naturally smothers the respiratory pores of parasites so they cannot breathe, leaving your chickens happy and healthy. Directions: For free-range setups, just sprinkle some of this powder in your flock’s favorite dust-bathing spot. For confined birds, mix several inches of fine dirt with this powder, and leave it in a cardboard or wooden box inside your coop. Your hens will love it! Ingredients: Food grade, pulverized perlitic* mineral, deionized water, food grade citric acid



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