Bird Seed

If you want to learn how to select the best bird seed to nurture healthy birds in a variety of environments, then you will want to read this article. Specifically, we will discuss the most versatile seed, budget friendly blends that appeal to multiple breeds and a few fun ways to use things you already have around the house.

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You can make your yard or indoor pet environment bird friendly by offering the right variety of food. The type of food you use will attract certain types of birds to your yard. Birds will find food naturally in their particular environment. They survive in the wild on a diet of worms, insects, and spiders. Seed and other foods can also lure the birds to your yard.

The most popular seed choice of bird enthusiasts is Black Oil Sunflower Seed. This is the most popular of all the seeds. It appeals to the broadest amount of species of birds. Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed is high in protein and fat, which make it a great seed to offer.

Mixed Seed is a great choice to offer. It is an economical blend of millet, sunflower seed, cracked corn, and peanuts. This choice has a broad appeal to cardinals, and a variety of ground-feeding birds like doves. This mixture is cost effective and allows for variety depending upon what is available during the season.

Smaller seed varieties are important to attract small to medium-sized birds. An offering of thistle seed is something small birds find irresistible. Thistles, or nyjer seed, are small black seed known for attracting all varieties of finches. Goldfinch, purple finch, house finch, and pine siskins are known to love this particular offering.

There are unique advantages to offering safflower seed as a choice for birds. Safflower seed is usually used in cooking but has a great value to bird feeders because squirrels tend not to like them. This seed variety also allows you to steer clear of attracting larger, abundant species like the grackle and red-winged blackbird. On the other hand, suet is a great choice for those looking to feed wild birds due to is high fat and protein content.

For a fun project, you may want to set up a system to attract birds that feed on nectar. For nectar feeders, you can offer a 100 percent sucrose formula available for purchase, or make it yourself. The nectar solution is made easily. Boil the water, then combining it with 1 portion of sugar to 4 parts water. Offer the solution in the nectar feeder. Jelly, fruit, and berries may also be a fun option to offer to the birds. Even expired baked goods like pastries and crackers can be added to the variety of things you can use to attract birds to your yard.