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Bird Supply offers a full range of bird products including cages, bird seed, feeders and toys. Shop today for the best bird products!

Bird Seed

Different birds have different diets. In order to ensure the best of your bird’s health, you want to ensure that you have the best quality of food that you can find. For many birds, their diet consists mostly of seeds or seed types. Most birds will eat peanuts, sunflower, safflower, cracked or shelled corn, thistle, flax, gold millet, red millet, rapseed and milo. However, your bird’s diet will likely be a seed mix. The mixes often contain quite a few of the seeds listed above. However, peas and hemp are often included in the mix as well.

A seed-only diet is often not sufficient for pet birds because they don’t provide the balance of vitamins and minerals. As a result, it is essential include vegetables in up to 30 percent of their diet. Fruits, which are high in sugars, should make up about five percent of the diet.

If you are unsure what kind of mix would be best for your bird, it would be best to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

We have everything available to help bird owners ensure that their birds are well cared for. We have every kind of bird cage available from the traditional box shape for one or two birds to the roomy cages for multiple birds. Our bird seed is made of only high quality ingredients to ensure your bird’s longevity and health. Our feeders make it very easy for your bird to access the feed.

Bird Cages

When it comes to bird cages, we have a wide range of selections available. Believe it or not, selecting the cage is the most challenging part for bird owners. The cage must be wide enough for your bird to safely stand, move about and to spread their wings in. It should be the right design to prevent escape but large enough to encourage activities that stimulate your bird. It should also be large enough to for small food and water dishes.

The four basic styles of cages include:

  • Flight – they are usually large in width and height to allow for flitting space. They are ideal for the more energetic birds such as finches.
  • Dometop – these are ideal for multiple active birds that like to fly and climb quite a bit. This allows them to give each other more head space without taking up a lot of floor space in your home or place of business.
  • Playtop – if you are planning to get a bird that will be spending more time outside of the cage than average, this is an excellent choice. Playtops are named what they are because of the addition of the perch with the ladder on top of the cage for your bird to stand on. Some of them have a hook hanging on one side of the perch to hang an accessible toy for your bird.
  • Classic – these come in various styles and serve a variety of functions. As a result, most birds are quite comfortable in it. Among the four, they are the most affordable.

If possible, for both your and your bird’s safety, you will want to get a cage with a welded construct, a dead-bolt latch, and a sizable door. Birds will try to escape or be playful by chewing on the nuts, bolts, , manipulating the cage bars and door latches. This is very dangerous as your bird probably does not know how to survive in the wild. A bird with unclipped wings would be especially vulnerable because it would not be able to glide as gracefully. When it falls into a panic, its flight will become erratic and it could end up someplace dangerous like a tree top or smack into window glass mistaking it for an outdoor outlet. If you also own a cat or dog, they could become dangerous with the bird by playing with it too roughly or hunting it.

Bird Toys

Since most behavioral issues with birds tend to be the result of sheer boredom, toys provide them with stimulation. First, birds see an even wider spectrum of colors than humans do. As a result, the toys being colorful are an essential exercise to the bird’s stimulation. Stimulating their other senses is important as well. Birds love toys that they can manipulate with their beaks and feet. They also love toys with intellectual and/or physical challenges such as ladders and puzzles. Small sized chew toys stimulate their taste buds and give them a chance to do something else they love- tear it apart!

Birds are creatures that bore very easily. If they are presented with the same toy everyday, they will either ignore it or try to destroy it out of boredom. As a result, it is recommended that you rotate your bird’s toys on a weekly basis. Always check the toys on a daily basis and if any of them are cracked or shattered, throw them away. Both situations could result in injury to your bird, an expensive trip to the veterinarian or even death.

If you recently got your bird, it may take some time to figure out which toys that it likes the most. Once this has been established, you may be ready to purchase one of our kits.