Bird Toys

One of the funnest part of owning a bird is playtime! It’s not only a bonding experience for you and your friend, but it also keeps them happy and healthy. Birds need to stay occupied and busy in order to feel content; but with all the bird toys on the market, how do you choose? Lets go over some different types of toys your bird will love!

Bird owners are always looking for the newest toys and activities to fill up their bird’s busy day. Bird Supply carries a variety of educational and entertaining toys that will keep your bird from getting bored. We stock everything from wood toys, to natural branches, toss toys, ladders and swings.

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Treat toys

These are toys meant to be destroyed and consumed. Treat toys are good to build your birds’ independence, as he/she tries to figure out how to get the treat and gets rewarded by achieving this. Some of these types involve rolling a ball to make the food come out, these are fun and rewarding (plus, it keeps them busy a little longer than stationary treat toys). Stationary treat toys stand alone so the bird can work around them to eat, these are gone a little quicker (if your bird is persistent) but it can help enhance their perching skills because they have to grip and move around in order to enjoy. Trickier treat toys are also important, like the food in the box toys and ones you need to spin in order to release the food; these treat toys are good to stimulate their curiosity and keep them motivated in learning new things. Plus these are fun to watch!

Educational toys

These are meant for a more bonding experience for you and your bird. You can have the enjoyment of helping your bird figure out the toy and reward them with your own treats. There are several of these types of toys as well. There are ring toys where the bird must take each ring and put it on the “stick” as if stacking them. They are good with colors as well so of course they come in different patterns and colors for their enjoyment (and yours!). Push button toys are also good because it stimulates the birds’ sense of cause and effect; when the bird pushes the botton, something happens (a song plays or some other toy pops out, etc).

Swings and ladders

The best toy to strengthen muscles and keep them entertained are swings and/or perches. These are toys that are important because it keeps them mentally alert too because they can shift their weight around and experience the soothing rocking motion of the swing. Swings and ladders are fun for the bird, but also fun for you to watch and enjoy as well; and again, many different styles, patterns and colors are available to choose from.

It’s always a good idea to keep plenty of toys available for your bird. Another good idea is to store and rotate out toys (keeps things fun and interesting for your bird so he/she doesn’t lose interest). So stock up on those toys!